Organizing Committee
  • Dr. Mariano Rosabal-Coto (Chair, IIP/UCR, Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Vanessa Smith-Castro (Head of IIP/UCR, Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Tamara Fuster (Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Oscar Baldelomar (University of Minnesota Morris, USA)
  • Dr. Mónica Salazar (Representative of Vice Presidency for Research UCR, Costa Rica)
  • Dr. Christine Karkashian (UCR)
  • Dr. Patricia Greenfield (UCLA, USA)
  • Dr. Manuel Martínez (Dean of Social Sciences Faculty, UCR, Costa Rica)

Honorary Chair:  Dr. Henning Jensen-Pennington (President of the UCR, Costa Rica)

Scientific Committee
  • Dr. Judith Gibbons (Saint Louis University, USA), Coordinator

  • Dr. Oscar Baldelomar (University of Minnesota Morris, USA), Co-chair

  • Dr. Patricia Greenfield (Past-president IACCP, UCLA, USA)

  • Dr. Rolando Díaz-Loving (UNAM, México)

  • Dr. Adriana Manago (Regional Representative North America to IACCP Western Washington University, USA)

  • Dr. Deborah Best (Editor IJCCP Wake University, USA)

  • Dra. Alejandra Dominguez (Universidad Iberoamericana, México)

  • Dr. Ashley Maynard (University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA)

  • Dr. Kembly Rodríguez (Anthropology Department, UCR, Costa Rica)

  • Dr. Mirjam Weiss (Technical University of Munich, Germany)

  • Dr. Nandita Chaundhary (University of Delhi, Lady Irwin College, India)

  • Dr. Rolando Pérez-Sánchez (IIP, UCR, Costa Rica)

  • Dr. Gabriel Horenczyk (Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel)

  • Dr.  Martin Packer  (University of Los Andes, Colombia)

  • Dr. Vanessa Smith-Castro (Instituto Investigaciones Psicológicas, UCR)

  • Dra. Katelyn Poelker (Hope College)